Services Page photoThe Olive Group LLC® health care management services assists family caregivers in a number of ways. We help families realize cost savings by:

  •   Saving in care costs
  •   Making the most of insurance
  •   Avoiding expensive duplication
  •   Saving in travel expenses
  •   Avoiding lost wages
  •   Saving household expenses
  •   Making better financial decisions

Geriatric Assessment

Elder Care Advocacy

  • Assessing the needs of the elder and offering information about local services available
  • Recommending the most appropriate, available, and cost-effective services that will support the older adult and their family
  • Monitoring and evaluating services, and making adjustments as needs change
  • Performing important services to physicians by monitoring medical treatment compliance issues, providing help with medications, assuring scheduled appointments are kept
  • For long-distance caregivers, providing the ongoing supervision and communication link so often needed to avoid frequent and costly trip

Solution Focused Counseling

Life transitions are a common reason for counseling   We focus on empowering individuals to find solutions in their life by figuring out what a person's goals are, and supporting them to find ways to achieve those goals.

Care Coordination

Our holistic assessment includes a physical, psychological and social functioning evaluation of the older adult, as well as a home safety inspection. Based on the assessment, we will develop a customized client care plan to identify private and public resources available to support the older adult.    We coordinate the support systems needed to keep the older adult safe and happy at home.

Wellness Monitoring

Regular visits with the older adult to help ensure that they receive the best care available.  During our visits we ensure older adults are receiving help with things that they want done: computer skills, organize photos, plan family events, etc.

Accessibility Issue Resolution

Aging-in- place often requires making changes to the home to help maintain independence.  This may be de-cluttering, home improvements, home safety inspection

Relocation Services

We support families during transitions from home to another location or facility. These services include cleaning, de-cluttering, downsizing, and setting up in the older adult’s new home.

End-of-Life Planning & Support

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