Do Medicare or Insurance Cover Aging Life Care Management Services?

Do Medicare or insurance cover Geriatric Care Management services photoMedicare is largely an acute care insurance policy and does not cover Aging Life CareTM management services. A beginning number of long-term care insurance policies do cover Aging Life Care management services. Many are just starting to define the benefits as families are starting to ask for services. Many limit services or require a person be in a long-term care facility in order to use it. A small but growing number of employers cover Aging Life Care management services. This is something new. Businesses are just beginning to understand that elder care is pulling employees away from the workplace. The ones that have incorporated the benefit have done so through their Employee Assistance Program (EAP) and then limit the usage to a very low number of hours per year (3–6 hours). Many of the employers who do offer it have experienced dealing with their own loved ones and suddenly realize how difficult it is. Private pay remains the main source of reimbursement.



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