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The Olive Group LLC® health care management services is dedicated to thoroughly assessing client needs, developing and implementing customized plans for each client.

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Our Business

The Olive Group About Us Page photoThe Olive Group LLC® health care management services helps families realize cost savings via:

  • Saving in care costs — Recommending live-in care when appropriate in place of more expensive shift care. Recommending free or low-cost products and services that may be available in your local community.
  • Making the most of insurance — Ensuring that secondary insurance has been billed for medical bills coming to senior’s home. Avoiding paying unnecessary bills. Realizing benefits from public programs including those from Veterans Administration benefits, Medicare, and Medicaid. Helping clients enroll in the most appropriate Medicare Part D (pharmacy benefit) plan.
  • Avoiding expensive duplication — Ensuring seniors are not paying for duplicate insurance, are not donating repetitively to a charity, or are not purchasing duplicate clothing or food when the senior forgets what they already have in the home.
  • Saving in travel expenses — Supervising care including medical appointments, operations of in-home staff.
  • Avoiding lost wages — Monitoring caregiving. Many adult children take leave from work after vacation days have been exhausted, to check on Mom or Dad. The Aging Life Care Advanced Professional can be the person on-site to monitor the caregiving level.
  • Saving in household expenses — Identifying cost saving programs. Utility companies or other providers offer discount programs for seniors. Aging Life Care Advanced Professionals are aware of these programs and can recommend and sign-up these services for the loved one.
  • Making better financial decisions — Encouraging clients to speak with financial planners regarding whether annuities are really good investment choices, especially when clients in their 80s cannot access funds without large withdrawal penalties. Curtailing compulsive spending from shopping online or on TV.
  • Discovering assets the loved one might not have realized existed in the home. When a home is cleaned and put in order, oftentimes hidden money and valuables are found.

The biggest advantage is the emotional peace of mind knowing that a relative or loved one is being cared for with the most appropriate level of care as recommended by the Aging Life CareTM Advanced Professional.

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