What are Some Indicators for Possible Intervention?

Geriatric Care Intervention photoOne or more unusual behaviors that appear to indicate an older person is having some difficulties functioning means it is time for a loved one to step in and obtain expert help. The Olive Group, LLC can help provide for the safety of an aging family member. Possible danger signals to look for include:

  • Frequent falls or unexplained bruises
  • Unexplained weight loss of 10 lbs. or more in a 12-month period
  • Forgetting to take medication / overdoses of medication / mistakes in taking medication as ordered / abusing medication
  • Bizarre or deviant behavior
  • Getting lost while driving or walking
  • Extreme suspiciousness
  • Loss of interest in social activities / social isolation
  • Neglecting to pay bills or cash checks
  • A small kitchen or bedroom fire
  • Not eating properly or regularly
  • Abusing alcohol / drugs
  • Unsafe driving / getting driving violation tickets frequently and / or involved in driving accidents
  • Confusion / judgment in question / increased forgetfulness
  • New balance or mobility problems and refusing to use cane or walker
  • Health complaints / symptoms, but refusing to see the doctor
  • Forgetting things cooking on the stove or turning on burners or appliances and forgetting to turn them off
  • One spouse overwhelmed or in poor health caring for a dependent spouse


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